Who Uses Rhodes Amplification?

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Mark Lewis - Audiohammer Studios

Mark has a Gemini on order for re-amp and live use in his studio.

Ken Susi - Unearth

Ken has a Gemini on order for use in his studio and live rig.

Adam "Nolly" Getgood - Periphery

Nolly has an Orthos on order for use in the studio.

Joel Stroetzel - Killswitch Engage

Joel owns both a Colossus for use in his home studio and an Orthos for his live rig. He also recently acquired an RCS/212 loaded with Creamback H75s for his studio.

Andy Wood

Andy has a customized Colossus in his 'A' rig. This amp has the "Wood Mod" built-in permanently.

Keith Merrow

Keith owns the very first Gemini prototype and uses it regularly in his home studio.

Steve Henderlong (39 Stripes)


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